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Type Annual Fees (BDT) Renewal Fee (BDT)
General Members 200.00 200.00
Student Members 100.00 100.00
Associate Members 1000.00 (Refundable caution money) 500.00 (Service charge) 500.00
Associate Members (Foreigners) 2000.00 (Refundable caution money) 500.00 (Service charge) 500.00
Special/Alumni Members 1000.00 (Refundable caution money ) ------
Corporate/ Institutional Members 5000.00 (Refundable caution money), 2000.00 (Service charge) 2000
Visiting Fellow Members 1000.00 (Caution money ) ------

For more detail see Policies of BIDSLDC in downloads

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Last Updated on March 22, 2018
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